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Donning aids

Our aspiration: your well-being

We would like to make the start of your compression therapy as easy as possible. Therefore we have compiled some useful tips for you. What do you need to bear in mind? How do I put on compression garments in the right way and how do I care for them? What accessories simplify donning and doffing of compression garments? We will try to answer many of your questions – for Freedom in Motion!

Compression garments

Your new daily companion

Your doctor has prescribed a compression product which you must wear every day from now on to support you in the best possible way. For it to be as medically effective as possible and for you to be able to retain the results of compression therapy, it is vital that you wear your compression garment every day. We want to make this new challenge as simple as possible and have provided you with some useful information.

Let's start with the most important thing: a perfectly and optimally fitting compression garment should not be constrictive or slide down. Using your body measurements, specially trained experts will recommend a compression product which will be made to fit you perfectly and precisely. Have the fit checked regularly with your medical products supplier in the future. Compression garments fit very closely like a second skin. This is why you need a little practice at the beginning. Don't be disheartened, with some practice and useful aids, it will get easier to put it on over time. And of course there are some helpful tips to make you better at putting on your compression garment.

Good to know

  • Always put on your compression garments in the morning straight after you get out of bed. This is when circumferences are at their slimmest as the tissues don’t show any swelling yet. This makes it easier to put them on. This doesn't apply to compression garments for scar therapy where the garment must be worn continually for 24 hours.
  • Wear Juzo special gloves when putting on the compression garment. They allow you to easily mould your compression garment to your arm or leg. They also prevent damages to the knitted fabric.
  • Ensure that your hands and fingernails are well kept and remove jewellery before putting the garment on.
  • Moisturise your skin (e.g. with Juzo Vital Balsam 7 or Juzo Lymph Lotion) as wearing the compression garment regularly can dry it out. It is best to moisturise daily after taking off the compression garment.
  • In terms of medical effectiveness (compression effect), compression garments are generally intended to be worn for 6 months. This depends on the right handling (e.g. care, donning and doffing) and normal use of the products. 

Couple on stairs

Donning and doffing aids

Your useful assistants in everyday life

To make you happy to wear your compression garment every day, Juzo is constantly working to provide you with the highest level of comfort by using the best quality materials. In addition, we aim to make donning and doffing and caring for your support easier for you. With the special Juzo donning and doffing aids, the compression garments can be put on simply, quickly, correctly and without physical strain and many times even without external help. The garment can only have a positive medical effect if worn daily.

Juzo donning and doffing aids are available for stockings and pantyhose as well as sleeves and gloves. While your compression garments are being fitted, get the medical products supplier to also show you a Juzo donning aid that is perfectly suited to your care and needs.

Let us show you the various kinds of Juzo donning aids:

Juzo Easy Fit

Juzo Easy Fit donning aid

If you have limited mobility but have to wear compression stockings daily, then the Juzo Easy Fit donning aid will suit you best. With the Juzo Easy Fit, it is not just easier to put on the compression garments, it also means you barely have to stoop. 

The aid is used when sitting, which reduces the risk of a fall. Your stockings will also be stretched slightly by the metal frame of the Juzo Easy Fit, which makes it easier to put on. A silicone coated retaining element which fixes the stocking to the metal frame makes it also easier to take off your compression garment without great strain.

Arion donning and doffing aids

Arion Magnide®

The Arion donning and doffing aids make it possible to easily and quickly put on and take off medical compression garments such as compression stockings, pantyhose and sleeves without external help and without a lot of physical effort. They stand out due to their particularly low friction material which is also very tear-resistant. This means that delicate or damaged skin is protected and not damaged any further. The Arion donning aids are easily folded small and are good to take with you or when you are travelling. Thus, you can have this useful helper always to hand.

Juzo Slippie

Juzo Slippie slip-on aid

The slip-on aid (made from soft polyester) is available especially for open-toe stockings and pantyhose.

Video instructions for the donning and doffing of compression garments

The right care

How to clean your compression garment


Wash your compression garment every day – this is the only way the elastic properties are retained over the long term. Residue of skin scaling, ointments, dirt and dust particles have an abrasive effect.

Washing can completely remove these residues, increasing the durability of the compression garment. We recommend using the gentle Juzo Special Detergent every time you wash your garment.

Icon 40 degree wash

Washing machine
Your compression garment can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle or delicate wash cycle (40°C or less).

CAUTION: Please do not use any shampoos or fabric softeners as the plasticisers they contain damage the compression fabrics!


Drying time
You can reduce the drying time by placing the compression garments on a thick towel, rolling the towel up tightly, and firmly pressing out excess moisture. Hang up loosely.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave the stockings in the towel and do not dry on a radiator or in the sun. If tumble-dry, please use the delicate cycle (tumble-drying: refer to the label symbols).


Do not dry clean
Please always observe the instructions for use and care.

You can also find useful care instructions on the textile label of your compression garment.

TIP:Use a laundry bag to protect the knitted fabric.

Icon Fasteners

Close all fasteners before washing.

Icon Care instructions

Care instructions
Please always observe the care instructions in the instructions for use and care and on the textile label of your compression garments.

CAUTION: Please do not use fabric softener as the plasticisers it contains damage the compression fabrics!

Icon Hand wash

Hand wash
Please rinse thoroughly when hand washing and do not wring out the knitted fabric.

Icon Silicone border

Silicone border
We recommend turning compression garments with silicone borders inside out before washing.

Discover Juzo silicone borders now for a perfect fit!