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JuzoFlex Malleo 727

Ankle support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 3082

JuzoFlex Malleo 727

Ankle support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 3082

For getting back on your feet

The JuzoFlex Malleo 727 provides an especially soothing effect after ankle surgery or in cases of permanent irritation of the joint. Two silicone pressure pads (moulded inserts made from silicone) massage the ankle joint at every step and, together with the latex-free compression knit, promote circulation. This helps to reduce oedemas and effusions more quickly. An anatomically-knitted and fully compressive heel guarantees an optimal fit.

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Product information



  • Two anatomically shaped silicone pressure pads
  • Fully compressive Y-heel ensures an outstanding fit
Flat knit



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.


Please see the size chart for exact standard size measurements. Measurements should be taken by trained experts.


The product is available as a standard solution (sizes 1 - 6 or XS - XXL) as well as custom-made.

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