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Juzo Compression gloves

Individual, custom-made garments for oedema therapy of the hands
Art. 3021, 3022, 3051, 3052

Juzo Compression gloves

Individual, custom-made garments for oedema therapy of the hands
Art. 3021, 3022, 3051, 3052

These individual compression gauntlets are tailor-made and available in compression classes 1 and 2. You can choose between the knit options Juzo Expert for newcomers to compression therapy and Juzo Expert Strong for treating advanced conditions. Both knit options are also available as “Silver” models with an antibacterial effect. In addition, we offer the Juzo Expert Cotton compression gauntlets with skin-friendly cotton. In order to guarantee ideal wearing comfort and the perfect fit, particularly in the sensitive areas between the fingers, state-of-the-art knitting techniques and flat, elastic seams are combined. The following generally applies: in order to achieve the desired effect, the compression garment must fit well and be comfortable enough that users enjoy wearing it regularly. Our compression gauntlets are therefore available in a wide variety of muted and fashionable colours that mix and match perfectly.

Areas of application for flat knit compression gloves

For treating oedema on the hand, Juzo exclusively uses flat knit compression gauntlets because they ensure perfect return flow of the lymphatic fluid from the tissue, therefore preventing it from pooling in the hands and fingers.

Product information



Flat knit
Flat seams
Soft knit
High working pressure

Product varieties

Juzo compression gauntlets for oedema therapy are available in the following knit versions.

Man wearing Juzo Expert sleeves

Juzo Expert

Comfortably soft and versatile

Thanks to its comfortably soft structure and subtle mesh, the Juzo Expert knitted fabric is perfect for newcomers to flat knit products. The breathable material provides a high working pressure with maximum freedom of movement, and can be used individually as part of full-body treatment.

Woman wearing Juzo Expert Cotton sleeves

Juzo Expert Cotton*

Extra soft for sensitive skin

The Juzo Expert Cotton knitted fabric combines the features and versatility of the Juzo Expert knit with the benefits of sustainable natural cotton fibres.  This is ideal for the requirements of sensitive skin. They’re also soft and smooth.

*Only in colour Almond

Woman wearing Juzo Expert Silver sleeves

Juzo Expert Silver*

Antibacterial effect included

Juzo Expert Silver complements the benefits of the Juzo Expert knitted fabric with the antibacterial effect of the X-Static silver thread. This reduces bacterial growth on the skin, helps to restore the balance of inflamed and irritated skin and prevents itching.

*Only in colour Almond

Woman wearing Juzo Expert Strong sleeves

Juzo Expert Strong

Reliable and strong garments to combat oedema

The Juzo Expert Strong knitted fabric exerts a high working pressure, thus ensuring ideal tissue compression. It is therefore perfect for treating serious lymphological conditions. Thanks to the wide mesh, the firm, robust material provides a beneficial massage effect.

Woman wearing Juzo Expert Strong Silver

Juzo Expert Strong Silver*

Strong with an antibacterial effect

The strong Juzo Expert Strong Silver knitted fabric provides individual treatment of the most difficult lymphological cases. It exerts a high working pressure, has an antibacterial effect thanks to the knitted-in silver thread, and therefore helps to restore the natural balance of inflamed or irritated skin.

*Only in colour Almond


Poppy seed
Black pepper

The standard colours depicted are available only for compression gauntlets in the Juzo Expert and Juzo Expert Strong knit options. The images are based on the original product.

Trend Colours

Want something out of the ordinary? Well, come and get it! The new Trend Colours will catapult you to a whole new level. As the pop art maxim goes, “everyone has what it takes to be a star”.

So start a cool colour revolution, shock with your style and live your life in technicolour!


The product is custom-made. 

Instructions for use

The instructions for use for your product, including the indications, are available here:

If you have any impairment that makes it difficult for you to read or understand the instructions for use, please contact our customer service at info@juzo.com

Fitting compression garments

The perfect fit is the most important foundation for successful oedema treatment. That is why compression gauntlets are measured by medical supply retail staff. The individually produced custom-made solutions ensure the perfect fit, maximum wearing comfort and ideal effectiveness.

Dress information

Donning of compression gauntlets

Medical supply retail staff will be happy to show you how to put on your compression garment correctly. For compression gauntlets with fingers, there is a donning aid that makes putting on the gauntlet easier.

It’s up to you

The success of compression therapy is based on your willingness to wear the compression garment for the entire day. This means putting on your compression gauntlets in the morning right after getting up and only taking them off when you go to bed.