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Tips on the therapy course

Julius has put together a few important tips for you here.
It is worthwhile following these tips carefully as they will
help ensure an effective healing progress.

Period of wearing

So the physician has prescribed compression garments. It is important that they be worn in the manner that the physician and experts have explained and recommended, as this is the only way to ensure the best results. Do not be concerned, either, that the compression garments have to be worn day and night - children get used to them very quickly! These garments – like other clothing items – should of course be changed and washed daily. That is not only hygienic, but also allows the special compression material to regenerate. It is therefore best to have several pairs of the compression garment available.

Exposure to sunlight

The sun may be smiling down nicely outside, but you should never let the sun shine directly onto the injured skin. That is because the strong UV rays will promote the formation of hypertrophic scars, which is where the scar increases in size and begins to proliferate. The best protection for the skin is to wear the compression garment even when the sun is shining – that’s because it has a very high UV protection factor of 80 and will let almost no damaging rays through. 

Body measurements

Compression garments must fit perfectly, and that's why they are custom-made items based on the precise body measurements of the young patient. But what do all children do? They grow! And their weight changes over time as well. As a result, the garment may suddenly no longer fit as well as it once did. That’s a good time to go see the experts at the medical supply store who will check the fit of the garment and, if necessary, arrange for alterations to be made. If the child has become especially “big and strong”, they may also recommend ordering a new garment altogether.

Scar care

The scarred skin can be kept soft and supple by applying a cream and massaging it every day. To avoid inflammation, the skin in this area should be kept nice and clean at all times. It is best to follow the skin care instructions provided by the physician. 


Compression garments should be washed daily at 40 °C (105 °F). This allows the special material to regenerate, that is, to return to the precise fit that ensures an optimal pressure on the injured skin. By the way, we recommend using our Juzo Special Detergent, which has been specially formulated for the sensitive fibres of these garments. And please don't use any fabric softener!

The scar therapy process

For further information about scar therapy, the process involved, and the role that compression garments play in this, see the
„Julius informs" area of this website

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