Julius — the little helper for scar therapy

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Volume 1: Julius surfaces

JULIUS SURFACES is the story of a little guy who shows great courage and surpasses himself with the right kind of support. 

Volume 2: Julius and the seagrass flipper

In his second adventure, Julius learns how to help himself. He also discovers that with true friendship you can surpass yourself. Even “cleaner fish” can learn to fly!

Volume 3: Julius is ready for an island adventure

In his third adventure, Julius stands on solid ground and proves that someone who's tough on the outside is often soft on the inside.

Julius games

Julius Memory

Play Julius Memory

Julius Blossom Fun

Play Julius Blossom Fun

Falls es bei den Games zu Problemen auf deinem Smart-Phone oder Tablet kommt, dann ist Deine Hard- oder Software leider dafür nicht ausgerichtet.

Julius colouring pages

Grab yourself some coloured pencils and start colouring in these pretty pictures! Maybe you’d like to give them to someone as a present?

Julius screen backgrounds

Would you like to see Julius on your screen? Then go ahead and download one of the screen backgrounds!

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