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About Juzo

Julius’ home

The company Juzo
Julius's home town is Aichach, a pretty little town in the Swabia region of Bavaria in Germany. That's where you will find the headquarters of Juzo —  a company that has been around for over 100 years and which employs about 1000 people worldwide. In Aichach, Juzo manufactures compression garments and also other products like supports and orthoses. These medical devices, which are used in various specialist fields, are purchased through specialist suppliers, for example medical supply stores.


State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
Our high-quality and therapeutically effective compression garments are produced in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located on our large company site. The employees in the knitting department produce these special fabrics on several hundred knitting machines. In the knitting department, which is the largest one in the company, we have around 130 employees working on customer-specific orders. Juzo also has a dyeing department, and its own in-house laundry. Once a product is finished, it is thoroughly checked and then brought to our highly modern logistics centre. There it is automatically sorted on conveyor belts and transported to a loading ramp where a truck then delivers it to the specific customer.

For further information about our company, visit www.juzo.com


Scar therapy - one of Juzo’s specialist areas

One of the specialist medical fields for which Juzo successfully develops and manufactures products is scar therapy. Scars form, amongst other things, as a result of burns, scalds or surgery. Scars that restrict movement, or are potentially highly visible, require treatment with an externally applied compression. The compression garments from Juzo ensure a more uniform arrangement of new connective tissue cells; the continuous surface pressure exerted by the garment also enables the scar area to heal more quickly. Within just a short time, both younger and older patients alike are able to recognize on their body just how successful scar therapy is. It promotes a softer scar tissue, paler and less thick scars, and can alleviate pain and itchiness.

For further information on the treatment course, see the "Julius informs"-area of this website.


The idea behind Julius

Juzo has been developing and manufacturing medical devices for over 100 years now. Patients have always been the main focus of attention for Juzo, since treatment success depends on their cooperation. Juzo does its utmost to inform them in a comprehensive and easily understandable manner. It was out of this conviction that the idea of inventing the little helper Julius came into being. The aim of the fantasy character Julius is to help children and their parents through the difficult time after an accident or surgery, and to give them some useful information via this website. Julius makes his appearance when a compression garment is first prescribed in the hospital or a medical supply store, and accompanies the young patient for the duration of the scar therapy, which may take up to two years. Julius builds up the children's confidence and encourages them to accept help from others. Julius and his friends show that it is possible to achieve the seemingly “impossible” and return to a normal life.


Awards for Julius

Julius’ own website “Julius taucht auf” (Julius shows up) has already won two important prices: the COMPRIX, the most prestigious prize of the German pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, and the German Online Communication Prize. At both award ceremonies, Juzo impressed the attendees with its concept and suitable implementation of a “Scar therapy for children” theme. These prizes strengthen our conviction that the Julius we have invented is an ideal companion for children undergoing scar therapy as well as for their parents.




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