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The company

We at Juzo are passionate about developing medical aids that accompany patients during their therapy from start to finish. Our compression garments, supports and orthoses are made with latest technology and offer patients custom solutions for any requirement.

Our Mission: Freedom in Motion

Divisions of Juzo

To us, this is more than a motto. It is something very close to our hearts and something we love to share with others. We do whatever we can to ensure that our products improve the overall quality of life – it is our mission.

We are steadfast in following our “Freedom in Motion” motto, which we developed from the basic idea of making life easier for people.

Hans Julius Zorn, our founder, was the father of this philosophy. To him, helping others was his life’s work. We have continued in this tradition ever since.

Nothing motivates us more than the words: “it can’t be done!”
That is when we mobilize everything to make the impossible possible.

Uwe Schettler, CEO

Modern vein therapy

Reliable care - versatile and trendsetting

Venous disorders are widespread in modern society. We do what
we can to help alleviate discomfort and prevent conditions from
worsening. Our compression stockings offer support for “heavy”
legs, and allow patients to enjoy freedom in motion again.

Juzo Division Phlebology
Juzo Division Lymphology

Lymphology expert

Customized and effective – compression garments for more
freedom in motion every day

We are the trusted partner in edema therapy. No two patients are the
same and their needs vary. This drives us to find better solutions for
individual needs – every day. Our main focus is to improve lymphatic
, as well as the comfort and well-being of the patient.

Scar specialist

Comprehensive scar treatment – the perfect fit for more comfort

Living with scars from significant burn injuries or operations can be difficult.
Our products can helpsignificantly improve the appearance and flexibility
of scar tissue. We are there for patients from day one of treatment, supporting their road to recovery.

Juzo Division Scar Therapy
Juzo Division orthopedics

Intelligent orthopedics

Experience and future-oriented solutions for more freedom

We want to help people regain freedom of motion after injur or illness. We provide sophisticated solutions in the form of supports and orthoses. Each product contains innovative solutions helping patients regain their mobility.

Active veterinary medicine

EquiCrown – your partner for equine compression therapy

We learned from human physiology and have applied that expertise
to horses. EquiCrown offers riders the tools needed to support their
horses with compression therapy
from the first day of the acute
phase or as a daily measure to prevent injury.

Horses with Juzo compression bandages and wraps
Seminar at the Juzo Academy

Juzo Academy

Broadening horizons – advanced knowledge
based on experience

With more than 100 years of experience in medical compression therapy,
we have a wealth of comprehensive knowledge to share with dealers, medical professionals and others at seminars, conferences and symposia. We see it as our responsibility to prepare our partners as best as we can to meet the many different needs of patients.

Craftsmanship – Made by Juzo

We fulfill the individual needs and wishes of our customers with the
help of next generation technology, including computer and digitally
controlled knitting, sewing and dye machines. We insist on the
strictest quality standards. Our “Made in Germany” standard is not
limited to our headquarters in the Bavarian Aichach – Juzo Inc.
employs the same quality standards to all garments produced in
Ohio as well.

We don’t just rely on the latest technologies – our experience
and the passion of each and every one of our employees
in production results in ensures perfection. That is how we maintain
our quality claim: excellence.

Juzo Headquarters

Our Claim: Finding solutions

Top quality materials and sustainability are as important to us as are the needs of our patients. That is why we leave no stone unturned to find new and better solutions for individual needs. We want to make sure our customers are absolutely satisfied. In collaboration with others, we continue to expand our vast knowledge every day, because “It can’t be done,” is not an option for us. We all strive to work towards a common goal – from the knitting floor to the sales staff – to achieve the best possible results.

Our products, including the compression garments, supports and orthoses, are manufactured at our headquarters in the Bavarian town of Aichach and are shipped to customers around the world from there. Our manufacturing plant uses latest technologies like computer-controlled circular and flat knitting machines. Many of the production steps, including the flattening of seams, the attachment of silicone borders, the tie-dying of our stockings and of course final quality control are done by hand by Juzo employees on site with plenty of passion, an eye for detail and impeccable craftsmanship. Our products are subject to rigorous standards. That means you can be absolutely certain that each and every item is fully compliant with the Juzo quality claim: excellence.

Our Sustainability - A good “tomorrow” for everyone

Green is our color – and we don’t just mean our logo. We are very much aware of our special responsibility and feel that top quality products and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Tree with green heart

We rely on natural resources in our production and manufacturing. We have changed our processes in the dye works to recycling and can now use our dye baths up to 17 times. We have implemented an efficient energy system at our production facility in Aichach to help save the environment.

At its core is a natural gas-powered micro turbine that produces steam, power and heat. In Ohio, we also operate with sustainability: we invested in a wind turbine and solar power generation systems as additional steps towards protecting the environment. Our green wheel will continue to turn towards a better tomorrow.

Juzo – Our company history

Hans Julius Zorn and Rosemarie

Helping as a calling in life

We are a modern company with a long tradition beginning in 1912 in Zeulenroda (Thuringia, Germany). WWII had left indelible scars and the founder’s grandson, Hans Julius Zorn, and his wife Rosemarie decided to start over in Aichach.

To this day, our products are manufactured here, with lots of experience and passion and are sent around the world. A further milestone in our history was our expansion into the U.S. Annerose Zorn-West has led our sister company Juzo Inc. in Cuyahoga Falls (Ohio) since 1980, continuing the legacy of her father and helping patients throughout the country.